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            BETTER CITY


            Hebei Lionfulland Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Lionfulland) hereby informs that, users (you) shall carefully read the articles in this statement before visiting and using Lionfulland’s website. If you do not agree with the statement and/or the modification at any time to the statement, you may stop using or cancel services provided by the official site of Lionfulland. Your keeping using will be regarded as complete agreement of this statement, including any modification to the statement by Lionfulland at any time.  

            1. If you decide to visit the website of Hebei Lionfulland Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., all the information provided by the website is for your reference only. We make no promise in any form and will bear no legal responsibility.  

            2. When you enter and use the website, you should abide by this statement and relevant legal and other regulations. You may get information from the website, but may not modify, prune, distribute or disseminate the content of this website unless approved by Lionfulland in written form. Lionfulland bears no responsibility for your direct, indirect or incidental damage or punishment on account of entering the website or using the content of the website or other linked websites.  

            3. All your information posted on Lionfulland’s website is unclassified and nonproprietary. Your posting will be regarded as your agreement of Lionfulland’s and its subsidiary companies’ free use of the information posted, and the use includes remanufacturing, transmission, publication, dissemination and pasting. The information you post or disseminate shall not include any content that is illegal, threatening, slanderous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or profane, or that encroaches upon other persons’ rights, national interests or public interests, and shall not constitute or cause a crime or unlawful act.  

            4. Unless mentioned otherwise, all the names and trademarks used in this website are registered and used by Lionfulland and its subsidiary companies in the world for its products. Any casual use of these trademarks and any other content in the website are prohibited unless approved as indicated in this statement or the website.  

            5. We will disclose your information if required by governmental apparatus according to legal procedures for the sake of the requirement of the law-enforcement agency or public safety. We bear no responsibility for any disclosure under such circumstances.